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I’m Jo and I love experimenting in the kitchen, but realised that I don’t tend to repeat recipes very often, as I forget they ever existed. So this is my way of recording recipes I’ve been making that I really enjoy and would like to remember. So if you’re looking for adventurous recipes, great food and mediocre photos, keep reading 😉

Latest Recipes & Tutorials

Homemade Hummus | Glutenfree & Vegan

Notes *The cooking and soaking time only applies if you’re using dried chickpeas **For a more smooth consistency, you may need to add some extra liquid, either in the form of water or oil This is a basic hummus recipe, but feel free to flavour it however you like. Also be aware that is quite […]

Peanut Porridge | Glutenfree

Notes I prefer to use peanut butter with 100% peanuts, but feel free to use what’s available to you. In terms of toppings, feel free to use what you have or prefer. For the yoghurt can use dairy or non-dairy options. Oats are naturally gluten free, but in processing can be contaminated with gluten, so […]

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