Honey Mustard Dressing with Pesto



5 minutes

Nutrition Information

Servings: 8

Calories per serving: 93 kcal

Calories per 100g: 301 kcal


60ml Olive Oil (about 4 tbsp)

20ml Vinegar (just over 1 tbsp)

2 tbsp Pesto

1 tbsp Dijon Mustard

1 tbsp Honey

100ml Water

Salt & Pepper to taste


Add all the ingredients to a well-closing Jar and shake.


Why not try it over some salad, as a marinade for fish, a dressing for pasta salad or over some smoked salmon*.


Store for up to a week in a closed jar in the fridge.


*In this case, I recommend leaving out the water for a thicker consistency.

I used this pesto in my version:

Feel free to replace the vinegar with some lemon juice if you prefer.

For a vegan option, replace the honey with agave or maple syrup and make sure to use vegan pesto.

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